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Hello there, my name is Maria!

I am a New Yorker who has been traveling the world seeking the most authentic experiences.  

Traveling is my passion! It has been a big part of my life. My love for travel started at an early age traveling for school. I studied and lived around the world including the USA, Mexico, Austria, and Holland. Then, I became a sales and marketing executive working in he travel industry. It was then that traveling took over as a full time job. I worked for some of the most iconic luxury hotel brands in the world, learning from them and contributing to their success. I traveled for business regularly (some times up to 3 weeks/month) jet setting around the US, Mexico, Latin America, and Europe.

Having the courage take a break to live/pursue my dreams

After building a successful career, I made the decision to take a break from working life and pursue one of my biggest dreams. Travel to destinations I had always dreamed of visiting but never had the time that those trips required to fully experience the destinations. I told myself, it’s now or never! Now, that I am healthy, full of energy and life, with the courage to stop daydreaming and actually do what it takes to make those dreams become a reality.

Seized the moment

So, I found the perfect opportunity to set out to pursue my life long dream of traveling & living around the world. Imagine how exciting to live in countries and continents one has not experienced before. For once, taking the time to soak it all in the cultures the experiences, without a rush. I delved deep into each destination connecting and living like a local– finding the hidden gems.

I experienced what it is to live in different countries around the world including New Zealand, Indonesia, India, The Philippines, Fiji, Myanmar/Burma, Cambodia, Australia, Thailand, and Galapagos Island to name a few. Because I had no time constrains or budget caps, I could focus on following my passions and interests. Which meant that I could pick any country in the world that I had not experienced yet. That was my ultimate travel dream.

“The ultimate authentic local experience is to immerse yourself into the culture and live like a local yourself. Connecting and interacting, opening your senses to appreciate and experience your surroundings mindfully. It’s life changing!” ~Miss Global Traveler

It was through these experience that traveling transformed me and how I viewed traveling. Along the way, I learned that traveling is much more than checking-off items from a bucket-list, or ticking off countries visited. It’s not about visiting a lot of places in a rush. For me traveling had a purpose, to experience living in countries around the world, to enrich my life through experiences and focus on health and wellness. I found traveling to be the platform that empowers and inspires change through our very own experiences. Travel is transformative, it transforms you with every experience.

Thank you for reading, join me on Miss Global Traveler, come and explore the world with me…

Wine tasting while living/traveling in NZ

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